Creative, Versatile & Passionate about her craft….Tristan Campbell is Founder, Owner and driving force behind PLUCK. A Broaw & Lash Studio. Tristan has been able to successfully establish herself as a Master Brow Artist since 2010 and has established a loyal following because of her ability to perfectly tailor every Brow to each of her clients, elevating ones natural beauty. Today, Tristan credits her success to her wide range of knowledge, education and experience that has provided her clients with a customized & consistent approach to Brows. Through encouraging her clients to grow, support and sometimes repair their own authentic Brows and Lashes, Tristan has found great pride in her clients! Tristan continues to grow her brand today, expanding beyond just Brows. With a cosmetic line for PLUCK. Tristan educates her client’s with easy everyday makeup tricks to achieve the perfect brow.
tristan campbell